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As a leading Technology Consultants and Digital Regardless of whether you have your own business, or are employed with one you will most certainly be aware of the fact that how data is changing the face of the business world.
No matter the industry, be it medical, IT, business or even a governing body of a state, data is an integral part of decision making.

Thanks to today’s age of digitalization, the world is now in over its head in data and the more the data world is expanding, the more people are discovering the insights it holds.

But with all that being said, all this data is nothing without interpretation and visualization.. The actual value of data lies only in proper breakdown, analysis and its usage in decision making. Here’s when the data visualization comes in.

Image communicates better than words, same is the case with businesses. Data visualization is the process of interpreting the large sets of data into visual context, like in charts or graphs so that a human brain can easily process the results, trends and patterns to derive solutions. Businesses use CRM, ERPs, Sales force, HRM Softwares etc for the automation and monitoring of their business processes

techtix data visualization software development

Techtix develops data visualization Softwares, customized as per your business requirements, to provide your businesses an easier way to comprehend the data consisting of millions and billions of data points on a single graph. We come up with an automated solution for presenting a clear picture of a massive amount of information that makes it easier for you to make decisions, policies and communicate the trends and patterns with others.

Our data visualization softwares caters to every industry, be it an ecommerce business or an investors group. We identify the best data sets and visualization tools which guarantee the maximum optimization of your data usage.

Techtix offers a wide range of visualization tools, with highly effective infrastructures, nearly infinite number of reports and smart dashboards for quick interpretations. Softwares that is specifically tailored around your business specifications, providing highly efficient features that an off-the-shelf software might not provide.


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Decision Making Ability:

Our software supports trend lines, advanced analytics and other metric assessment features which accelerates your decision making. The trends and perspective it brings to your sight doesn’t only enable you to make decisions in the present but also, predict and calculate probabilities for future to design policies and pathways to reach your future goals.

Seamless Integration:

The data insights are only helpful if they are integrated perfectly with the other business softwares and systems to the dashboard. Only then can you manage and analyze the data trends and patterns accurately to make decisions, monitoring the correlations and the effects of one on another.
Our Data visualization softwares is seamlessly integrated with all your business operations and offers API support to acquire the big data from different sources and integrate them into the repositories to summarize results and provide you a clear picture, visually.

Hundreds of Data import options:

The big data visualization software enables you to import huge amounts of data from different formats and sources to make better analysis of the statistical information.

Multiple languages:

Our softwares supports multiple language options as per your region and preference.

Access Securities:

Our softwares supports a feature that enables you to give controlled access to others depending upon the user and their roles. Apart from that, it’s an important security technique to save yourself from data loss, theft or breach of privacy.

Offline storage application:

Whenever it comes to data management, offline storage is unparalleled. It’s the most compact and convenient way for track keeping.

Highly Dynamic Infrastructure:

Our softwares has a highly-effective and dynamic infrastructure to support heavy data. The more effective the infrastructure is, the more the team will be able to extract insights.

Real-time collaborations:

Our softwares provides you the convenience of collaborating and communicating your goals and plans with other teams, partners and departments in real time. We’ve incorporated features like commenting, screenshots, sharing options and bookmarks to assist your meaningful communication.

Efficient Reports Generation in multiple formats:

We ensure efficient and bug free reports and quick generation on client end to keep you well informed regarding all your business trends. The reports comprise more than 20 charts with unlimited variables, various indicators, filtration options, dimensions and sub dimensions as per your requirement. These comprehensive report generation options reduce your workload by giving you relevant and noise free information and give you better access to the trends.

Customized Dashboards:

Dashboard is the most important component of a data visualization software.
Our team of developers collaborates with your team of decision makers to develop an understanding around your idea and our suggestions of what pattern or format of data representation will suit you according to your business operations and goals for which you’re willing to manage and analyze your data.

After finalizing, we come up with properly integrated dashboards, customized as per your business needs and operations. The customized dashboards make it easier for you to have a look at all of your summarized data statistics in a single glance.

Massive amount of Data management on Backend:

We’ve got softwares on our portfolio with billions of records, which is being managed.





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