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Business Websites: Expectations vs reality

Websites are critical to any modern-day company’s success. You’ll be phased out and overrun by the competition if you don’t have one, and you’ll miss out on potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Unfortunately, you’ll end up wasting your time unless you have the necessary experience to create an aesthetically pleasing, well-functioning website with exceptional user experience capabilities. 

However, there are many common misunderstandings when it comes to truly understanding and appreciating the subject of website design and development. As a result, let us break the web design and development ice: Reality vs. expectations

Professional website development, on the other hand, is an investment, and some people believe that by doing it themselves, they can achieve the same results


Expectation: It shouldn’t take long, in my opinion

We are always led to believe that if we see the ads, they can build a website in under an hour. You may have even heard from your industry friends that you can build a website in a day or a week. You have the technical know-how to work with various hosting platforms and Content Management Systems, so you won’t have any problems getting the website up and running.

Expectation: It will cost me less, If I do it myself

Purchasing a domain and hosting can be less expensive in comparison to the development, content, and unique features that you requested on your website. It can be difficult to find the right agency and a trustworthy person who will take your needs, ideas, and put together a functional and engaging website in a timely manner. However, taking control of your online marketing and saving money is not always a realistic goal.

Expectation: My site’s appearance will not be affected by changes in the backend.

Web Design refers to the visual changes I make on the front end rather than the back end. What am I supposed to do with my backend? Because users cannot see my backend, it has no impact on my website. Right?

Reality: Every Template has a level of drudgery to it.

Even the simplest single page website requires a lot of time and decision making to build, from choosing the right domain, website colour, content, hosting provider, CMS, and template. If you’re trying to create a custom design choice website, the template you choose may limit your options.

Reality: Building Upcharges, Building Upcharges

Due to the high cost of purchasing a proper hosting for your website, many people opt for shared hosting. Depending on the hosting, you must choose the appropriate CMS or templates for the creation of your website using codes or minimal codes. If you rely solely on plugins, and have the premium version, certain customised plugins will be activated on your website. Remember to weigh the value of your time against the cost of working with a developer to complete your websites.

Reality: SiteFunction, SEO, user experience

Every change you make to your websites is significant. Your site’s performance will be influenced by plugins, images, content, animation, and videos. Some plugins slow down your site, cause errors, and provide inaccurate information. This has an impact on how Google crawls your site in order to optimize it for search engine rankings. Every time you make a change to your site, it lowers your SEO ranking and causes users to become confused. Changing the content or removing keywords, as well as loading plugins, can all have an impact on how a user navigates your site. Each change you make to your site should be done with care, and you should be aware of all the ramifications before going live.

Know The Realities, Know Your Options!

Not all website developers are the same. Every website developer is unique, and the more experience you have, the better your results will be. 

Designing a website includes a full fledged research to fully comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of building one. Building a website for personal use or blogging is fine, but when it comes to business, you should make the best decision possible while keeping time and money in mind.

It’s never too late to use the resources available to locate web developers. The type of website developer you hire will have a significant impact on the final product, so do your homework and hire someone based on skill rather than price.

We at Techtix are always there to build the website for your business and meet the expectation. To learn more about our website development services, contact us today.

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