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How Much Does A Custom Web Application Development Cost?

I am sure we have all bought from a small business site on Safari and Google by clicking on the link. But do you think we would have bought from that business if we were to first download the app, make an account, and all that jazz? Not likely! The ease web application offers to end users and small enterprises today is the very reason for their ever-rising high demand. But, is it worth it and how much would it cost one to make their very own web application? Don’t worry, we have it all figured out for you. Firstly, there is no universal number for the cost incurred in the making of a web application. It all comes down to a handful of variables and how you choose to
go about it.

The Techtix team is always available to give you an estimate based on your required functionality for web application development, which typically costs $5,000 to $150,000.
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How to Estimate the Development Costs for Web Application

Complexity and Features:

First and foremost, it depends on the functionality of the web app and the features you opt to incorporate into your user experience. For instance, if it’s an online store with a shopping cart that doesn’t offer online transactions versus one that does. No doubt, the latter is going to be more expensive. The more complex and unique your app’s User Interface will be, the more time and effort will be required which automatically increases the cost incurred. Moreover, the back-end design and its responsiveness to cater to multiple devices would also cause an increment in the cost.

Time and Phases:

The time spent on developing your web app will be crucial for cost estimation. From design to development to modifications, it’s a pretty long process. If each step is not planned right, it is likely that you will have to circle back, as chances are, errors will arise. It is vital to plan ahead and complete each step to the best of your abilities and bug-free before moving to the next. It will ensure a smooth completion of the entire process.

Hosting and a Concrete Foundation:

If the foundation work that you laid isn’t strong enough to attract all that traffic and users, then it will prevail in the developmental process to cater to all those errors. Thus, it is important to work from bottom to up. What do you want your users to experience and then plan out what measures you need to take for that? And, decide on a hosting server accordingly.

Development Team and their Location:

Evaluating your hiring needs per your requirements and what you need assistance with is key. For instance, if you’d like to do it in-house, hire freelancers or high-tech professionals. Surely freelancers would be cheaper, however, they won’t be as experienced and informed as high-tech professionals. However, if you have the skills and know-how and just want freelancers to do the job for you, it is better to choose that. Alongside cost, it is important to choose the most efficient route for you. 

While the designation is key, it is important to keep in mind the destination as well. Charges for web application development vary quite a lot among countries. Where in the US it costs hundreds of dollars per hour, on the other hand, in Asia it costs only $50 per hour. Considering that decide on whether to outsource locally or internationally. 

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