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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Business Website?

In today’s technology driven world, every business requires a website and a small business mobile app to showcase their services and portfolio, yet as per the research, 40% of the businesses do not have one. The reason for this might be the misconception that still persists, especially among the small businesses and startups, that building a website is expensive. Referring to it as a misconception because not always a website costs you a lot. It all depends upon how much work is required

All that you have to pay for:

A cost of website can be determined by breaking down the costs of following components:

  • Infrastructure
  • Functional complexity
  • Design
  • Development

A website does not always costs you a lot. It all boils down to how much work is required


Infrastructure includes the web essentials which powers a website. The costs for infrastructure are recurrent and have to be paid every month for maintaining ownership and website maintenance.

Domain Name:

Domain name is basically your permanent address on the web, through which people can search you. For example, is our domain name. Buying a domain name averagely costs you $0.95 – $12. 

Web Hosting:

Once you have a permanent address for your website, you need a web hosting service so that your website can go live on the internet. A website cannot be reached by the visitors without web hosting. Web hosting costs

around $24-$20,000/year depending upon the users, features and bandwidth of your website. The cost has to be paid every year to keep your website live.

Usually small businesses prefer sharing web hosts servers with other small businesses for cost saving. In this way, they are charged the minimum. However, later you can update your plan as per your business requirement.

SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate takes care of all your security protocols of your website and keeps your data encrypted for maintaining privacy. An amount as small as $10 gives your website authentication certificate and makes it reliable for your users to provide you with their data without any doubts. Many hosting companies give you an SSL certificate without any charges as a gesture.

But the maintenance cost  has to be paid for the renewal of the certificate every year which ranges between $2-$20/year.


Once you’ve paid for infrastructure, comes the functional cost. A functional cost is decided by the complexity , size and the must-have features of the website.

A professionally designed, 10 pager, standard customized website costs less, as compared to a highly customized website containing 50 pages.

If you’re an e-commerce business, you might bear comparatively larger costs as compared to a digital marketer as your functionality will require online payment systems and integration.

But generally, the small businesses, as per their requirements, don’t have to pay much of a functional cost since all you need is a basic website including some optimized content, clear description of your business, user friendly mapping and a continuous company blogging.

All these factors may cost you as little as $100 to as much as $10,000


The average cost of designing a website varies from $1000-$15000. The design depends upon the layout and theme you prefer for your website flow. A simple yet attractive website will cost less than a fussy and feature rich website which will require more time.

Usually, small business stays in the range of $2000-$3000, minimizing the customization and choosing simpler layouts over high-end layouts.


Now lastly, you’ve to decide the source you need to go with for your website development. There are two options. 

  1. CMS
  2. Website Development Companies

As both of them have their own pros and cons, they also make a difference in the cost that they incur in developing a website.

CMS like WordPress, Hubspot etc are very economical and smart ways to develop, design and optimize your websites yourself  but for that you’ll have to gain some technical knowledge to use them or hire a resource for it with critical knowledge regarding its key functions. They initially cost you $500-$2000 on average. 

If it seems like too time taking a task which may delay your website launch, then you might consider taking a website development company on board.

Website development companies might charge a bit more than your usual website builders ranging from $2000-$10000  but it has its own pros. It will save you the hassle of doing it yourself or hiring a team to do so. Saving you the opportunity cost, and providing you maintenance services along with the professional consultancy, the modern companies like Techtix, offers you trusted website development services at a very low cost and it will pay you in long term.

If you are a new startup or a small business in your growth phase, you must do your math before investing in the essentials of your business, and a website is certainly one of the major ones. Our blog will help you to have an estimated idea as per your preferences from the given options while keeping your budget and business requirements in mind. 

Just drop an email at to  get started with a full fledged professional website for your business with very economical packages!