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Is Your Website Designed for your visitors?

Power of Building Customer Relationship

When it comes to designing a website, you know you gotta do it the right way!

Be it the content, aesthetics, or a user experience, you have to make sure that it stands out in the world of 1.18 billion other websites. A website is the main aspect of your online presence sending out the message from your brand to your audience through its content and other aspects. This all messaging thing makes it necessary for the brands to make sure that they have a perfect website that it designed perfectly for their audience.

Over the past few years, a beautiful website has become synonymous with a good website and it has become too easy for the brands to get carried away with aesthetics only while ignoring the result driven part. Whereas, the major factor that decides the extent to which your website stands out among your pool of competitors is, the amount of your bottom of the funnel leads conversion to sales rate.This can only happen when you know your audience well, and your website is targeting them by all means

More than 70% of the people prefer approaching a brand through messaging over calls

Research your Audience Profile

The first and the foremost step is knowing your target market. Before you dig into designing anything for your website, just do intense research on your target audience and their profiles. The research should include your customer’s preferences, behaviours,demographics and all the factors that may influence their buying behaviours.Knowing your audience is the most important part of any business process. No bells and whistles on a website will help you if they’re not directed in the right direction.

Well Planned Content 

The content available on your website continuously carries out the messaging from your brand to your customers. It implies your business idea, your brand identity and what they should expect out of your brand. 

If the website design doesn’t support your messaging or if it is not accurate or placed in an impactful way, it won’t suffice the purpose. 

Make sure it’s more of a service providing platform, with useful information about how you can be of any help to your customers instead of adding content to brag about your achievements.

Convenient Navigations

A smart UX is a very important part when you aim to design a website keeping your audience in mind. According to a survey, 94% of the consumers say that easy navigation is the most important feature of a website. Be it young entrepreneurs or an experienced CEO, every user who visits a website expects a user-friendly experience and a layout which is easy to understand. 

The necessary information should be easily accessible out there to catch your visitor’s eye. It allows users to find content they’re looking for much easily and allows them to revisit.

Efficient Mobile Optimization

There are around 5.29 billion mobile users in the world, and the number is increasing by every passing day. Out of these 5.29 billion, over 90% of the population is using mobiles to go online. After going through these statistics, If your web design is still not optimized for mobile interface, you are missing out on something really big.
A website design which isn’t adaptable for mobile versions can cost business 80% of its potential clients to a competitor whose website does have it.

Call To Action (CTAs)

Once you’re done ticking all the necessary boxes to make your website user friendly for your visitor, it’s time to place a scale to measure your visitors engagement on your website. Call to action buttons are basically those gauges.

Placing CTAs is a tricky part. You don’t want to ruin your visitor’s web visit on your site with extra pop ups and alerts to distract them and at the same point you want them to make a connection with you for data.

It’s important that you place such things strategically. The data you collect while making your customer’s profile helps you understand your visitor’s behaviour and guide them through the buying journey using smart CTAs.

Keeping in mind a few of these above mentioned best practices to engage your visitor, if you think that your business website is not designed for your visitor, just drop us an email on and customize your website for your visitor!