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In today’s cut-throat competitive business landscape, launching a product is often a win or bust situation for a business. The most essential factors to get it right are, releasing your product faster which delivers value to both, the customer and the business. To fulfill that, Startups and early entrants go for MVP development services.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product )is the most basic version of an idea or product with just enough features to test, validate and measure the potential of its success in the market.


Techtix offers you the most efficient and authentic MVP development services, enabling you to align your business idea with your business goals. Make your entrance in the market with an extensive research and complete understanding of the consumer behaviour along with market scope resulting in accurate product release and higher revenues.

We target all the businesses, be it an existing one with a new product launch or a startup, we design from scratch.

Our MVP models are based on functionality and a basic user interface only. There’s no customization or technicalities, saving you the cost and time.


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Business Analysis and Consultancy

We build an understanding about your idea and requirements around whatever budget you have. Once we are clear in our minds about the business goals we design the primary prospects and document them for the record.

Once we understand your needs and requirements, our team then provides consultancy regarding the product scope, MVP model that will suit your niche and segment and how it can be tested. A complete plan is provided to you which included everything, starting from process flow to the technology stack we’ll be using in our product development


UX/UI Designing and Prototyping

Once the planning and documentation is done, the work moves into the design stage. Our team of developers and creative designers create instinctive interfaces for your MVP application . Here we build user stories which include everything with respect to the end user. Building user stories basically articulates how the value can be delivered to the user through the product.

A wireframe is designed for the blueprints to represent the layout of the app flow and screens using the best methods and advanced technologies. Our development team will work in collaboration with you to build a clickable prototype. Once it’s all finalized, we enter the development phase.

Locking MVP Scope

Keeping in mind the primary objectives identified earlier, we focus on setting the boundaries of the product to be launched in the first phase. A clear scope is identified by the team in collaboration with the project stakeholders to identify the primary features that are necessary to deliver customer value in the user testing stage. This helps us to lock the scope of the Minimal Viable Product.
The “need to have” and “nice to have” features required to be covered in this MVP phase of the product are determined during this stage.


This is the most critical and important step of the MVP process. Once the application is designed as per the MVP model, it is tested. The test confirms its glitch free usability, connectivity and flow for the user. Our experienced team of Quality Assurance ensures a flawless product compatible with all the systems and technologies to deliver authentic and reliable results.


Once the final product is tested and approved, it is ready to be launched in the market for validation.Our team assists you to publish and deploy it on different platforms and app stores for promotion.

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We decide the technology stack beforehand that we are going to use to build MVP. This includes languages, frameworks, development tools, database and all the other technicalities.Technologies we use to build authentic MVPs are:

Web Frontend

angular JS

react JS



Mobile Frontend




ruby on rails

node js




We understand that our MVP development project is going to be your first impression in the market, for clients, investors and stakeholder so we make sure to make it a lasting one.
We work creating the basics for your product’s growth in the future.

We put effort in developing a perfectly smooth UX and pleasing UI and make sure that the product rolls out in the market in minimum amount of time.

You can count on us for competitive research, creative designers, technical consultancy, affordability and product scalability.


MVPs built

by techtix

Beauty Button

Beauty Button was one of our MVP projects. The app was devoted to making life easier when it comes to your beauty, health and wellness. Initially, the app was launched and published on the Apple store and Google play store in the MVP phase. Later on, features were added to make the application advanced and fully functional for the masses.

(Case Study link)


Freadee is another example of Techtix MVP. The home made food delivery app was designed and published with its primary features on playstore. After validation and measured results, secondary features were added to the app and was published on iOS.

(Case Study link)


Aydo — A global services marketplace platform was once an MVP project, only accessible to the market with its minimum viable version. It turned out to be a massive success and is now one of the most extensive applications in its segment.

(Case Study link)

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Either you are a startup and want to identify your target market or a well established business,who wants to gauge valuable feedback on their new products, our MVP development services are for you.

Depending upon your budget, project complexity, variety of features in your product and your determined ideal launch time, we will design the perfect and most reliable MVP for you.